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The Awakening - Book 1

A post Shit-Hits-The-Fan (SHTF) book series

Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in my books. The first book in the "Oh Sh!t..." series titled - "The Awakening" was published on Amazon on 9.3.2013 -  Click here to purchase the book on If you would like to download the first four chapters in PDF format - click here.  If you are an Amazon Prime Member - You CAN check out the book for FREE using the Lending Library - so take advantage of that program!  In addition, if you do borrow through the Lending Library or Purchase my book, please give it a review.  Besides the fact that reader reviews are vital for Amazon rankings, I would truly love to hear from you - Good, Bad, or Ugly.

Check out the latest radio interview with host Carolyn Evans-Dean over on Media Prepper by clicking HERE. Carolyn asks me some great questions, including a complete shocker comparing The Awakening - Book 1 to George Orville's Animal Farm - What a compliment! Thank you to everyone at Media Prepper and especially Carolyn Evans-Dean for asking me on her great show.

Ever wonder what might happen if the US economy collapses and the world goes into an unrecoverable tail spin? The story line for this The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) series of books starts off based on real world facts with my imagination taking over as the SHTF starts. You will find that total chaos and destruction rolls across the US like waves coming ashore when the economy fails.  

The Awakening begins with a heavy dose of economic reality.  Just as I, the author "awakened" to the potential economic collapse facing the US, due to several conversations with multiple C-Level in the asset management and banking industry, the main character John does as well.  During these conversations, I repeatedly heard comments about how the Keynesian approach to 'The Great Recession' would not work, how pending currency swap deals China was working on will drastically impact the value of the United States dollar, and worse how our national debt was growing to an uncontrollable figure where there would be no way we wouldn't eventually default on our debt.

​These conversations led me to start researching in depth what my clients, mentors, advisers, and friends were talking about. I spent months educating myself by reading volumes of books on the variety of topics. Suddenly, it was like a light bulb going off and "Oh Sh!t…" - was exactly what I thought.  At the time, I might have had a couple day’s inventory of food in my house for myself, wife and daughter.  The only medical supplies were a few band aids and ointments. I had no way of powering a CPap machine if the electricity went out, nor a way to charge something as simple as a cell phone battery without having the ability to just plug it into the wall.  This led to me taking the first basic steps in becoming a 'Prepper."

The funny thing is as I started prepping, I noticed that I had friends who were preppers.  I didn't even realize it at the time. When after several discussions with a few individuals, I found a group of like-minded individuals.  

Now that I have been prepping for some time, I honestly can't stand watching shows like "Doomsday Preppers". I feel that the goal of the show is to put a bad light on an important subject— making the guests on the show look fanatical, freaky, or just strange.  As I have taken the time to learn more about "prepping" and what it would take to live in a Post-SHTF world, I have dedicated some of my time to learning new skill sets that will help me and mine survive if the SHTF.  Learning from others both around me and online at some great user forums is definitely worthwhile.

In this first book of The End Of The World As We Know It  (TEOTWAWKI) fiction, my goal is to provide an easily understandable insight to our current "real world" economic state of affairs, the steps that I have taken to in preparing for if the SHTF, illustrating some of the skills that my family and I have learned through the main characters while leading up to a catastrophic collapse of the world economic system.

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Michael Kaye