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The Awakening

Book 1 - "Oh Sh!t..." series

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I am not a fan of gathering user data by making you fill out a form to download the preview so you won't find it on this site, but I ask one simple request. Once you have read the first four chapters - Please feel free to contact me and provide me with feedback.  All comments - positive or negative are welcome!

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The Awakening - Book 1

Now Released! 

Enjoy the adventure as John and his family as they are awakened to fact that they and the rest of society are facing the implosion of the U.S. economy. John first learns that the U.S. economy is about to collapse from a long time friend and client, who is a partner and the COO of one the top 100 asset management firms. Only days later, John's business mentor, who has spent the last thirty-years in the banking industry, confirms this dreaded information about the U.S. economy.

John's first thought is "Oh Sh!t"... 

Follow along as John, his wife Cindy, and step-daughter Skylar, scramble against time to become properly prepared for this shit-hit-the-fan reality. 

Recent Feedback About: The Awakening


5 Star Review on Amazon: Ok this book is so close to reality that it gives me goose bumps. When reading, it makes you think of current events and just how razor thin the line is right now that keeps us from going over the edge to the other side. That other side is the complete collapse of the US. This is one good book, with very good editing and I am already looking forward to another one from this author! I have read a TON of PAW fiction, zombie stories, etc...but this is by far one of the very best at showing us just how really close we have come on more than one occasion and how close we still are at a total collapse....making me look at todays news with more thought to what is going on behind the scenes.

5 Star Review on Amazon: While the author states this is fiction with some real life fact mixed in, anyone paying attention can see that this work of fiction might one day be considered a pretty accurate historical account. Unlike some of the arm chair commando books out there, this one portrays some very realistic characters and situations. As the main character, John, starts to realize what is happening he realizes just how unprepared he is to deal with it and soon embarks on the steps necessary to correct that.

5 Star Review on Amazon: One of the better books I have read in the genre lately. Hits close to home if you have been paying any attention to the current state of our union. Very glad I read the book and can't wait for winter and the next installment.

5 Star Review on Amazon: I enjoyed this story . And I will be looking forward to the next one . I hope you enjoy it also

5 Star Review on Amazon: ...this was an excellent book. I was truly invested in the characters, the planning, and the general plot of the book. There are more than enough cliffhangers for at least one or two sequels (which the author indicates are in the works). I also gathered some great basic "prepping" ideas that are really inexpensive and can easily be incorporated into my daily living.This book is set in the near future - if you wonder why, simply read the headlines.If you are a fan of this genre, this is definitely one to read!

Comments from four chapter PDF

"This is the book I wanted to read back about 2006 when I was looking at our retirement possibilities. I had to dig and sift through mountains of internet garbage over a period of a couple years to get what you have said so far." .... "I'm looking for that crystal ball view like everyone else, to know what exactly is coming down the pike. This tale looks like it has some real promise to get a peek at that crystal ball..." 

"I guess I qualify as one who reads but typically does not comment but the quality was good and kept me on the edge of my seat. The job of a good book. Keep up the good writing!"

Great book. Really liked the family aspect. Too many prep per books are lone hero gunslingers heading off. You did a good job focusing on group thinking and decision making. I also liked the prepared society shout outs. One question......did you send your neighbors a copy of this book?  Good job. Can't wait for #2.