Author of the Oh Sh!t Book Series

The Initial Shock

Book 2

Thank you for your interest in Book 2, The Initial Shock in the Oh Sh!t series.  I am currently in the midst of finishing the writing of the manuscript, while also actively promoting The Awakening.  The next step will be to send it off to the dreaded copy editor,  

THIS TIME, however, instead of getting 300 printed pages of red line copy editing back and me spending three 12 hour days trying to edit a MS Word document from the printed pages, we are going to use TECHNOLOGY!!!  Yes, this time, I will NOT miss 20 some pages of edits and/or at least two comma, semi-colon, or some other punctuation or misspelled word somewhere on every page, simply because I rushed to have the novel on Amazon in time for National Preparedness Month. My extreme apologies to everyone. 

I have set a personal deadline of "sometime" in December of 2013 for the release of the novel.  

Please check back as I will start putting snippets of the book on here as I finish them.  Within the next week (before November 1st) I should have the unedited first draft of the first 3 chapters available for you to download.

If you have any comments, please send them to me using the Contact page.  Additionally, if you would like to follow my ramblings either follow me on Twitter @michaelkayebook or book mark my blog

Thank you for stopping by the website and as always -

Stay Awake & Be Prepared!

Michael Kaye